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BORN IN 1868


Rayman Group

The American industrial essence accumulated in history combined with the inheritance of the world's leading technology, the American Rayman Technology Co., Ltd. and the Hong Kong Rayman Elevator Co., Ltd. established Rayman Elevator Co., Ltd. in China. Relying on the world's leading technology, it integrates the R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators and three-dimensional garages to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable elevators, escalators, moving walks and three-dimensional parking equipment.

The manufacturing base of Rayman Elevator in Asia Pacific is located on the bank of the famous Qiantang River. The total investment of the first phase is 180 million yuan, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters and a workshop area of 30,000 square meters. The company has an 80-meter-high elevator comprehensive test tower. Different varieties of elevator products, the introduction of international advanced automated production lines, to achieve intelligent and efficient production. High starting point and high investment show Rayman Elevator's determination to strive for perfection and to create high-quality products in the industry

  • 180million

    Total investment in RMB for the first phase

  • 40000

    Company area

  • 30000

    Standard workshop area

About Us
  • Safety - the trust of life

    With the continuous development of urbanization and the continuous optimization of the living environment. The demand for elevator traffic in cities is increasing, and people's requirements for elevator experience are also getting higher and higher...

  • Intelligence - Wisdom changes life

    Rayman Elevator inherits the exquisite manufacturing technology of Finland, and believes that only quality can guarantee the perfect operation of elevators. Relying on modern automatic processing and manufacturing equipment and professional production team.

  • Energy saving - always take care of the environment

    Rayman elevator adopts permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine technology, which effectively avoids torsional vibration and loss caused by gear transmission, consumes less energy, and realizes low-noise and high-efficiency energy-saving operation mode...

Intelligent leadership, Full protection

Rayman Elevator penetrates the professional service concept into every operating equipment in the country. The fast and professional installation method and the safe and reliable maintenance content fully demonstrate the elevator's perfect service concept.

  • Intelligent customization

    Rayman Elevator will build a product custom design platform, customers can choose car replacement, function matching, etc. from the platform, and the platform will automatically generate product decoration and hoistway design plans.

  • Intelligent production

    Relying on the Industry 4.0 manufacturing system, Rayman Elevator realizes the intelligent production of elevator products and a quality traceability tracking system to ensure the quality and quality control management of each product.

  • Intelligent interaction

    Not only limited to the carrying space, Rayman elevator will integrate more intelligent interactive experience, so that the elevator can play, watch and interact.

  • Intelligent service

    Use the Internet + and the Internet of Things to establish an intelligent service system to provide customers with remote services anytime, anywhere, and solve problems for users.

Urban Vertical Transportation Solutions

As a leading elevator supplier, Ledman Elevator provides customers with excellent elevator and escalator systems with world-class technology and production technology, and creates unique products for you with completely reliable products, competitive prices and perfect service experience. the value of. What you get is never one solution, but a diverse set of solutions.

After-sales service

Service and Support
  • Nationwide after-sales service network

    Rayman Elevator has branches in major cities in China, providing immediate response and fast spare parts supply for local customers.

  • Service Center

    From the customer's civil construction to the lifetime of the product, Ledman Elevator provides the most intimate and refined service throughout the entire process.  

  • Monitor the network 

    Rayman Elevator regularly sends staff to check the running status of your equipment, which will make your equipment get the most professional maintenance.