Company Vision

Corporate Vision

Create Rayman's cutting-edge quality and serve every corner of the world.

Corporate Mission

Create comfortable and exquisite elevators for the world, and use our most professional and dedicated services to bring safe, environmentally friendly and intelligent vertical passenger flow transportation experience and solutions to customers.

Corporate Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Core Values

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Business Purpose

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Corporate Spirit

Active, efficient, united, and win-win


A person is weak and weak, and he can be invincible when he integrates into the team. A drop of water evaporates quickly, and when it enters the sea, it becomes a surging wave. If you are a drop of water, as long as you are willing to merge into the sea, the whole sea is yours, because you have merged with the whole sea, and this is the power of integration.