Regular maintenance of elevator equipment

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As we all know, elevators, like other electromechanical equipment, require regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance. Through the regular maintenance and maintenance of the elevator equipment, the elevator can meet and meet the original design and manufacturing standards and technical requirements to the maximum extent; it can also ensure the safe and reliable operation of the elevator equipment, reduce the failure rate and the probability of accidents, and prolong the elevator service life of the equipment. But how to effectively carry out regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance of elevator equipment is a topic that all elevator manufacturers, installation and maintenance units and elevator users attach great importance to and pay attention to. The following issue will be discussed and discussed with you.

1. Establish a management system on maintenance report work management and hardware application, and continuously improve hardware conditions

In terms of maintenance work management and hardware application, each installation and maintenance unit should establish a complete and systematic management system and measures to ensure the quality of regular maintenance work; and constantly improve hardware conditions, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, quality and user satisfaction.

1.1 A post responsibility system must be established to closely integrate the documented and written management of maintenance work with user confirmation, supervision and management.

(1) Due to the uniqueness of the maintenance work, it has the characteristics of large workload scalability, and the maintenance work site and maintenance work time are not easy to control and manage. Therefore, the corresponding maintenance elevator must be regularly scheduled. Inspection, maintenance and maintenance work, respectively, are responsible for the relevant personnel. In this way, it can not only mobilize and improve the initiative, flexibility and work responsibility of the on-site maintenance personnel; but also strengthen the on-site maintenance work.

(2) The user has the most say in the maintenance work and its effect; let the maintenance personnel report the work status and results of the regular maintenance to the user in written form, and get the user's signature and approval, and feedback the results Company (retained for archiving). In this way, not only can the maintenance work be effectively supervised and managed, but also the satisfaction of users can be improved.

1.2 It is necessary to establish a system for regularly visiting users, collecting user feedback information, and conducting quality inspections, supervision and management of maintenance work.

(1) A special management system should be established, and people should be sent to visit users on a regular basis to obtain user feedback information. Work improvement; and dynamically track and deal with users' questions or complaints to improve customer satisfaction.

(2) Of course, for the supervision of maintenance work, it is far from enough to only rely on the user's supervision or confirmation (because the user is not a professional after all). It must be managed by the leaders in charge of maintenance work and maintenance supervisors to conduct regular random inspections, combined with the irregular special inspections of full-time quality inspection (acceptance) personnel. Ensure that regular maintenance work can be carried out in strict accordance with maintenance technical regulations, so as to effectively supervise, control and manage regular maintenance work (attendance, safety, maintenance quality and service conditions, etc.).