Rayman Elevator signs contract for 88 passenger elevators in the future town of Cangzhou, Hebei

2019-09-12 00:00:00 雷曼电梯有限公司 Viewd 381

Good news spreads frequently! In the beginning of autumn, Rayman Elevator won the bid for the future town project in Cangzhou, Hebei again after signing the contract for the Suihua Platinum Academy project.

Recently, Rayman Elevator successfully joined hands with Hainan Hongchang Rongguo Real Estate Co., Ltd. to provide 88 sets of RM-800C series passenger elevator products for its future town project. The products are carefully polished to provide customers with intelligent customized solutions and one-stop all-round services. Rayman elevator has also been recognized by many parties for its efficient and fast service and safe and reliable product quality.

Future Town is a key project of Hebei Province in 2019. The project is located in Dongguang County, Cangzhou City, which is a national garden city. It is adjacent to Xiongan New District and is located at the junction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Circle and the Bohai Bay West Coast Economic Circle. The bridgehead leading to Tianjin Port, an important strategic fulcrum for expanding radiation to the east, and the best place to undertake industrial transfer.

Rayman Elevator Co., Ltd. adheres to the good wishes of serving every customer with heart, and integrates intelligent technology into high-end quality life through advanced technology with over a hundred years of deep cultivation and accumulation in the industry. With the advantages of safety, intelligence, technology and comfortable products, we create high-quality and high-efficiency architectural concepts, create safe and convenient building traffic spaces for our distinguished customers, and create a safe and comfortable travel environment.

In the future, Rayman Elevator will continue to devote itself to the concept of "technology changes life, creation leads the future", develops deeply, and provides more and better products and services for the society.