Home elevator purchase and installation precautions

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Home elevators meet people's needs for high-quality life, allowing you to reach all floors of your home quickly, safely and comfortably, while enjoying the fun that technology brings to residential life.


Home Elevator


Difference between home elevator and public passenger elevator


The technical specifications of domestic elevators and public passenger elevators are very different. The load of home elevators shall not exceed 400kg, the speed shall not exceed 0.4m/s, and the lifting height shall not exceed 15m. When choosing a home elevator, you should choose products that meet the manufacturing specifications of home elevators, and don’t believe in the appearance and decoration of excessive packaging. After all, the primary condition for choosing a home elevator is to be safe enough, not more powerful and faster.


How to choose a home elevator


First, look at the design. As a private customized product used in high-end residences, home elevators must have higher requirements and pursuits in decoration design, not only to meet individual needs and to match the decoration style, but also to consider safety. Divide decoration. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to choosing whether the door of the elevator is an automatic door or a manual door, and the side-opening automatic door can save the building area to the greatest extent.


Second, look at the security configuration. When choosing a home elevator, it is very important to understand the safety components and safety configuration of this elevator. In addition, the necessary safety configuration in home elevators is backup power supply and emergency call for help outside telephone system, which can ensure the safety of private users.


Notes on home elevator installation


1. Elevator shaft erection. First of all, let's look at the erection process of the elevator shaft. Usually, the installer needs to install and debug the car and the power system. Due to the complexity of the entire system, standardized and skilled operations are required to be installed in place. At present, there are three common types of home elevator structures on the market, namely hydraulic elevator structure, traction elevator structure, and spiral elevator structure. No matter which type of home elevator you choose, high-quality installation, construction and after-sales service are indispensable.


Second, the elevator interior car installation. Since the home elevator is only used by family members, if you want to install the elevator, in addition to the elevator service provider, it also involves many projects such as civil engineering and internal waterproofing. According to the decision of the apartment structure, the home elevator adopts a machine room-less structure, thereby saving construction costs and construction space, and improving the overall aesthetics.


3. Internal acceptance of safety inspection. All elevators must be strictly tested by special equipment before they leave the factory for use. Whether it is commercial or home, safety is a must-have for elevators. At the same time, regular maintenance of home elevators is also indispensable. Regular maintenance is to carry out detailed inspection, repair, replacement and adjustment of the equipment in operation, so that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards and fundamentally ensure the inherent quality of home elevators. .