Shanxi Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce visited our company

2019-04-19 00:00:00 雷曼电梯有限公司 Viewd 265

On April 13, 2019, a group of more than 50 people from the Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi visited our company under the leadership of the chairman Chang Junsheng and the executive vice chairman Li Xiaolin. Chairman of Rayman Elevator Co., Ltd. Wang Zhimin, general manager Peng Xiaopeng and other leaders warmly received President Chang and Vice President Li and his party.

Chairman Wang and General Manager Peng extended a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation from the Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi and accompanied the delegation to visit the company's office area, corporate exhibition hall, production workshop and elevator test tower.

During the visit, some entrepreneurs asked the escorts with great interest about the product production process, R&D innovation, sales layout, service support and other aspects, and the escorts answered them one by one. The good production environment and atmosphere of the company's workshop and the standardized on-site management have left a deep impression on the entrepreneurs of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Changzhi, Shanxi.

After the visit, the two parties immediately held a discussion and exchange. The general manager of the company, Peng Xiaopeng, introduced the basic situation of Rayman Co., Ltd., the company's products and some past successful cases to the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce. Shanxi Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce affirmed our company's corporate culture construction, and at the same time appreciated our company's corporate strength, manufacturing level, research and development level and product quality.

Entrepreneurs from the Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi Province unanimously said that through this on-site inspection and exchange, the foundation for the future cooperation and development of the Changzhi Henan Chamber of Commerce in Shanxi Province and Lehman Elevator Co., Ltd. has been laid. During the negotiation and exchange between the two parties, some entrepreneurs expressed strong interest in Rayman's products, technologies and service concepts, and initially determined the cooperation intention. Many companies such as Shanxi Tunliu Runding Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the company on the spot. contract of intent. We hope that the two sides can take this visit as an opportunity to establish a more in-depth and lasting cooperative relationship, further strengthen exchanges and communication, and carry out practical cooperation in a wider field, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for both parties.