Take the ladder safely to give you and your family a safety guarantee

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With the development of the times, the elevator has become an indispensable part of people's life. Whether it is a car elevator or an escalator, commuting to get off work, shopping malls, and several times a day have to be in close contact with the elevator. But many citizens don't know that some habits in the elevator are actually "hidden murderous intentions"...... 


Dangerous Behavior 1: Staying between the hall door and the car door11

The elevator is the most prone to accidents. It is the most dangerous action to stay between the hall door and the car door. Some passengers will stay for a short time when entering and exiting the elevator, chatting with people, which is very dangerous. It is recommended to enter and exit the elevator quickly.


Dangerous Behavior 2: Repeated button presses

When waiting for the elevator, people often press the button repeatedly, so repeatedly pressing the button will cause the elevator to stop by mistake, which will not only delay the time but also cause the button to malfunction.


Risk Behavior #3: Leaning on the Elevator Door

When waiting for the elevator, many people like to rest on the door temporarily. If the elevator car is not on the floor when the elevator door is opened, it is easy to fall into the hoistway, or be stuck by the car and the hoistway.  


Dangerous Behavior #4: Prevent closing with hands, feet, sticks, etc.

When the elevator door is closing, the passengers outside will prevent the door from closing with their hands, feet, sticks, etc. It is recommended to wait for the next time or ask passengers inside the elevator to press the door button. People in the elevator should not stretch their hands or feet, probe their brains, or put their belongings in the gap to prevent the elevator door from closing.


Dangerous Behavior #5: As soon as you see the elevator door open, rush in.

Sometimes, the elevator doors are open, but the elevator is not on this floor. If you step blindly, you may fall into the shaft if you step in. Therefore, passengers should not only play with their mobile phones when entering and exiting the elevator, but pay special attention.


 Dangerous Behavior 6: Trapped in the elevator, grabbing the elevator door with your hands without authorization

 Elevator trapped people is actually a protective measure taken by the elevator when it detects abnormal conditions. The safest way is to stay in the car and notify the outside world through the alarm device, waiting for professional maintenance personnel to rescue. Unauthorized smashing of the elevator door is likely to lead to more serious consequences such as the elevator trapping people or even falling into the hoistway.


Rayman elevator reminds you:

When a fire or earthquake occurs, it is strictly forbidden to take the elevator. When taking the elevator, please do not play or jump in the car, so as not to affect the normal operation of the elevator. Prohibit smoking in the car, keep the elevator car clean,  in order to prolong the service life of the elevator. When using the elevator, avoid being overweight to avoid danger. When using the elevator to carry items, it is strictly forbidden to use sticks and other items to insert into the elevator door to wait,  in order to avoid affecting the elevator structure and causing danger.  When taking the elevator, pay attention to children to prevent their hands from touching the door panel, to avoid pinching when the elevator closes.  When the elevator fails and is locked in the car, you should press the "emergency call button", wait for professional treatment, Do not forcibly open the elevator car door to escape to avoid falling. Keep the elevator machine room clean, dry, and prevent rainwater from infiltrating. The elevator machine room should be locked, so as not to damage the machine. Elevators should be regularly maintained and inspected by qualified professional manufacturers.   If there is any abnormality in the operation of the elevator, you should immediately notify the professional manufacturer for maintenance,  Do not handle it yourself.

Escalator Usage Notes:   

When riding, hold the handrail lightly with your left (right) hand, the limbs are not allowed to cross the outer edge of the handrail. Your feet should be on the center of the pedal, don't ride on the inside of your body.   When riding the escalator, it is strictly forbidden to play, push, run or jump. Pushing a stroller is prohibited.  The use of sharp crutches or umbrellas is prohibited.  Young children should be led by an adult.  Children are prohibited from climbing on the handrails.  It is forbidden to ride barefoot or wear shoes with fringed feet. It is forbidden for people to walk in the opposite direction and ride on the pedals.