Rayman Elevator successfully signed the project of "Jiangou Phoenix Town in Shou County, Anhui"

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The editor saw the sales director's face in the morning in the morning , there must be something good to ask... Rayman Elevator successfully signed the elevator procurement project of "Jiangou Phoenix Town, Shou County, Anhui" again.



Said "Jiangou Phoenix Town, Shouxian County, Anhui Province", the editor specifically checked it on the Internet. This is a local key project in Shouxian County. Next, let the editor break down this project for you.



Characteristic town is an integrated urban and rural area innovative development model, which is the successful framework of local urbanization. It has fully adapted to the development needs of a well-off society in an all-round way under China's new normal, and has been fully affirmed and strongly supported by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Governments across the country actively responded to the country's opinions on the construction of characteristic towns,  incorporated the construction of characteristic towns into the key breakthrough projects of regional innovation and development, began to form a tide of creating characteristic towns.  The perfect combination of pure and beautiful residences and characteristic commercial streets in Fenghuang Town Creating the first high-quality residential model in Jiangou, Shou County has the core significance of creating an era for Jiangou Building a living city and a commercial city with refined quality  , Xuefu City.



Above the town center above the prosperity, enjoy abundant town facilities, Phoenix Town, located in the county road---Shouhuo Road, close to the town government, sitting on the middle and primary schools in Jiangou  Enjoy parks, banks, hospitals and other convenient resources, and at the same time, it is equipped with commercial and residential commercial streets  which integrates catering, leisure, entertainment and shopping.



Phoenix Town will make every effort to create landscapes such as pavilions and flower stands, sparse forests and gentle slopes, courtyards next to houses, small bridges and flowing water, walks in dense forests, lotus ponds and waterside pavilions, so as to integrate technology and natural architecture.



This time, Ryaman Elevator successfully signed the elevator procurement project of the project, and will provide 98 passenger elevators for the project. It is another masterpiece of Ryaman Elevator after the "Pengtai Department Store International Mall" project in Ningxiang, Hunan. The signing of the contract shows the good reputation of the Ryaman brand and the high recognition of the market. The signing of this project has strengthened the belief of Ryaman Elevator to make and sell the elevators well, and stimulated the Ryaman team's higher morale and fighting spirit. Ryaman Elevator Co., Ltd. has continuously expanded into new markets by virtue of the precision quality of Ryaman Technology (USA) Co., Ltd. over the years. The products introduced to the market by Ryaman Elevator since it entered China in 2013 are highly favored, and the national classic model Projects are blooming everywhere, such as Yibaijia Zhuhai Jingan, Wanjiang Department Store Guangzhou Dayuan Store, Kazakhstan Almaty Station  1  Station, Shantou Xinjiaxin Shopping Mall, Pengtai International Shopping Mall, and many other iconic projects. The signing of the contract with the "Jiangou Phoenix Town in Shou County" project is the icing on the cake.



"Phoenix Town in Jiangou, Shou County"