Analysis of design considerations for home elevators (2)

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The rated speed of a home elevator does not exceed 0.4m/s, and the rated speed of a home elevator without a car door does not exceed 0.3m/s, and the car travel does not exceed 12m, and the rated load does not exceed 400KG. In the article "Analysis of Design Considerations for Home Elevators (1)", I believe that you have already understood some of the design considerations for home elevators. Today, the editor will continue to explain to you!



1. Drive and control system: The current driving methods on the market include sprocket drive, hydraulic drive, traction drive, gearless drive, screw drive, etc.


1. Sprocket drive: This type of drive has low cost, low power consumption, small footprint and no need for a machine room; the disadvantage is that it will generate noise below 60 decibels.


2. Hydraulic drive: This type of drive has low power consumption, small pit requirements, a maximum speed of 0.3m/s and no noise during operation; the disadvantage is that the product cost is high.


3. Traction drive: This type of drive has low power consumption, small footprint, no need for a machine room, and small pit requirements; but the cost of the traction drive is high.


4. When the hydraulic system is used in the north, it is necessary to consider the effect of low temperature use.


2. Safety of elevator exits: Door failures account for a large proportion of elevator failures. Once the front door protection fails or fails, the consequences will be very serious, especially for home elevators without car doors.


1. At present, elevators basically choose single light curtain protection, because it is necessary to prevent the danger of light curtain failure.


2. In order to prevent accidents such as entering the shaft by mistake, stepping in the air, falling, etc., the door must have an electromechanical interlock function.


3. Appropriate speed


Because the floor of the family is not much and not high, the speed is suitable for the use of the elderly and the disabled.


4. Interior and exterior decoration


Home elevators must pay attention to decoration, but the focus of decoration is not luxury but the combination of home decoration style. Based on the principle of simplicity and practicality, and increasing the highlights of home life, you can choose wooden cars, sightseeing cars, stainless steel cars, ceiling lights, mirror headlights, energy-saving lamps, etc. In addition, if the exterior needs to be veneered, it can be affixed with marble.


5. Comprehensive services


The installation of a home elevator involves a variety of professional knowledge such as civil engineering, structure, decoration, electrical, waterproof, reinforcement, shock absorption, noise reduction, safety, etc., and needs to be considered comprehensively, such as: design, production and installation of well frame, design, production and installation of exterior decoration materials, etc.