Analysis of design considerations for home elevators (1)

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Home elevators are elevators that are installed in private residences and are intended for use by a single family member only. It can bring you a safe and comfortable riding experience, no longer have to rush to and fro up and down the stairs, but also brings convenience for the family to go up and down the stairs. Today, the editor will analyze the design considerations for home elevators for you.



1. The location and space of the hoistway: it can determine the size of the door of the elevator.


1. The middle of the stairs, the corner of the wall, and the external hanging can be used. It is better to be centered without blocking the passage, and to be combined with the stairs.


2. Use the width of the door to push back the width of the hoistway, and use the height of the top floor to push back the height of the car.


3. If the load is 3-4 people and 225-320KG, then the size of the car can be 0.8-1 square meters.


2. Style and style: mainly consider the well environment and personal preference, and secondly consider the cost and difficulty.


1. The closed shaft is equipped with a closed car; the sightseeing shaft is equipped with a sightseeing car; it can be sightseeing on three sides or part of the sightseeing, and it is recommended to install glass windows on the door.


2. The shape of the car is varied, the editor recommends: use an automatic folding door with a transparent material.


3. Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not easy to use fully transparent glass for family sightseeing elevators.


3. Elevator function and safety: users of home elevators lack professional knowledge of elevators, so it is best to configure them according to the standard of passenger elevators.


1. The door opening methods of home elevators generally include automatic doors and manual doors, and both automatic doors and manual doors must have an electromechanical interlock function.


2. Some household elevators are designed with manual swing doors, that is, the car has no doors. At this time, light curtain doors must be installed to ensure safety.


3. It is recommended to connect the local telephone extension in the car. If the elevator fails, you can also call for help.


4. Equipped with emergency leveling function with power failure as standard, because this function should be used in abnormal state such as inspection and maintenance.


4. Plane layout and shape of the car


In order to save the area, a reasonable layout is required. The editor recommends that the double-leaf automatic door is used to open the door, and the plan of placing the counterweight on the side is more reasonable.


5. Bottom pit and top layer


The bottom pit can be installed with buffers and accommodate the bottom of the car; the top floor can be installed with traction machines. However, due to the inability to dig bottom pits and the small height of the top floor for some jump floors, home elevators must be flexibly designed and adapted to local conditions.